Tools:  Some sort of Spiralizer or Mandolin, small Food Processor or Blender, Frying Pan

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Take your half of an avocado and remove the "meat" from the skin, toss into food processor.  Cut the Jalapeno into manageable pieces and add to the food processor.  Peel and dice the garlic cloves, and chop the basil into smaller pieces and add to food processor. 

Time to Cook!

Ingredients:  1 Zucchini, Half of an Avocado, 1 Jalapeno, 3 cloves garlic, 10-15 leaves Fresh Basil, 3-4 Tbsps Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Juice from Half of a Lemon, 1 Tbsp Grass-Fed Butter/Coconut Oil or Bacon Grease, Salt & Pepper to taste


While the pan is warming up, you can now finish draining your zoodles.  Press the noodles between some paper towels to get out the rest of the moisture.  You can use a cheese cloth if you like, just don't press or squeeze too hard or you can crush the noodles.  Once they are sufficiently drained, the pan should be hot enough.  You are only going to sautee them for a couple of minutes so have your sauce and plate ready, and any other ingredients you are going to add. 

What you'll need

Zoodles with Creamy Avocado Sauce

Optional Ingredients:  Cherry Tomato Halves, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Prosciutto, Pancetta or Bacon crumbles

Once the sauce is made it should be time to start warming your pan.  Put your fat of choice into the pan, I usually use either Kerrygold Unsalted Butter or Coconut Oil.  Turn the heat up to medium/medium-high. 

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Once the pan is hot enough, add your zoodles and toss a couple times to coat with with fat.  Let cook for a couple minutes.  If you are adding in other vegetables like broccoli or red bell pepper strips, add them in now. 

I instantly fell in love.  They had a perfect consistency, were soft yet had substance, and complimented the avocado sauce very well.  It reminded me of a creamy Alfredo sauce, but with no dairy!  I went on to have Zoodles the next 5 days!  I added a jalapeno to the sauce as I love spicy foods, and I grow a ton of them so I’m always looking for ways to incorporate them into my meals.


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Once your noodles have gotten hot, they should be a little softer but not too soft, you can now add your avocado sauce to the pan.  Once the sauce is in, you can now toss in any other ingredients you want, like cherry tomato halves, sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto, pancetta or bacon.  While everything is cooking, toss several times to coat the noodles and ingredients with the sauce.  Once everything has reached desired temperature, you can turn of stove and remove from heat. 

I immediately went out and picked a zucchini from my garden.  I scoured the internet for recipes and came across PaleoCupboard’s recipe for Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Sauce.  I figured what the heck, I love avocados.  Let’s give this a shot. 

Even King Paul Hobbes is interested in this dish!

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First thing you will want to do is make the zucchini noodles.  They need to be drained of some of the water in them, and this can take 10-20 minutes depending on the zucchini.  Put the zoodles into a colander or place on a paper towel, and generously salt the noodles.  The salt will help draw out much of the moisture.  Let the salt do it's work while you make the sauce. 

Everything is now ready to serve!  This can be a main course or a wonderful side that compliments almost any meat dish, or served on top of roasted or grilled eggplant. 

Now you can drizzle in your olive oil and the juice from the lemon.  To avoid getting seeds into the sauce, either squeeze into your hand over the food processor or into a mini-colander to catch the seeds.  Add a little bit of salt and pepper and you are ready to blend!  After everything is sufficiently processed, take a taste to see if you need to add more salt and/or pepper.  You can also add a little more olive oil if you want a thinner consistency. 

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Zucchini is one of those vegetables (technically a fruit!) that I never ate growing up.  Honestly, I probably never ate one until I was in my 30s, and even then I didn’t really know what to do with them.  I would toss them in stir fry’s, pasta sauces and eggs in an attempt to mask them.  It wasn’t until I started growing them in my garden a couple years ago that I began to experiment with them more.

So if you haven’t tried Zoodles yet, or are looking for a way to spice them up, read on and give this recipe a shot!  Thanks again to PaleoCupboard.com for the inspiration!

I kept seeing zucchini noodle recipes in my social network feeds.  They were popping up all over Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.  I was a bit skeptical at first as I ate a ton of pasta growing up.  Being half Italian it was pretty much mandated.  Pasta took a back seat when I went Vegan and then Paleo as the non-traditional noodles just didn’t cut it.  But then I was cruising around Amazon and saw a highly rated spiralizer on sale for about 20 bucks.  I popped it into my cart and 2 days later it arrived (Yay Prime!). 

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