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Once you kick the sugar cravings, you will feel amazing.  Keep that in mind.  You will no longer have sudden hunger pains or cravings an hour or two after eating.  You will no longer be fighting off the desire to sleep after eating or snacking on sugary substances.  And over time, the weight should start to come off.  

Sugar:  The New Crack

As I mentioned, this may be the most difficult “food” item to eliminate from your diet and routine.  Be prepared for withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, hunger pains, feeling tired and cranky moods.  But keep your head high, it goes away in a couple of days.  If you prepare well, you can minimize these negative effects.  Have some healthy snacks readily available and stay hydrated with plenty of water and other approved beverages.  I’ve always tried to align the beginning of my sugar detoxes around a Thursday or Friday, so when the worst of it hits, it is during the weekend when I am not working or obligated to be around people.  I can control my eating, take naps and ride it out.  

but starting with added sugars is a great start.  If you struggle with getting sugar out of your diet, I highly recommend the 21 Day Sugar Detox to get a hold of your cravings and hunger.  

No I’m not being harsh with that headline.  It’s killed more people, ruined more lives, and is more addictive than crack.  Yet sugar dealers get a free pass and make billions of dollars.  Cool huh?

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Acesulfame K (Sweet One)

Aspartame (Equal, Nutra-Sweet)

Saccharin (Sweet'N Low)

Stevia: White/Bleached (Truvia, Sun Crystals)

​Sucralose (Splenda)


Maple Syrup

Dates/Date Syrup/Date Sugar

Coconut Nectar/Coconut Sugar or Cyrstals

Stevia: Green Leaf or Extract


Here are some of the most common artificial sweeteners you should definitely eliminate altogether

A collection of recipes and guides to some of my favorite meals, sides and snacks.  Real ingredients, satisfying and healthy. 

When a dish or recipe calls for sweetener, use natural forms instead of the powdery white stuff

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Now I’m not talking all sugars, some are ok.  Naturally occurring sugars in fruits are fine, as long as you don’t overdo it.  I hate the term “in moderation”, but it actually applies here.  Fruit should be eaten on occasion, preferably local and in season.  What we want to avoid and eliminate, are highly refined processed sugars.  Sugars that are “added” ingredients.  When our wise and powerful government enacted the war on fat, companies all over replaced fat with sugar as to retain flavor in their products.  Fat-Free this and that, reduced fat here and there.  Yet added sugar skyrocketed.  Then, instead of using just plain ole sugar, companies started substituting Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, or chemical sweeteners instead.  Did our health improve?  No…it kept getting worse.  

Foods you should definitely be eating to those you should avoid at all costs.  Get to know about Protein, good and bad Fats, and how to manage the very tricky Carbohydrate intake.

This may be the most difficult part of your healthy transition.  Sugar is so common, in such abundance, consumed with reckless abandon, that we don’t even know how much of an effect it has on us until we eliminate it.  Be prepared for withdrawal symptoms.  Your body has probably been running on sugar your whole life.  Even stuff like breads, pastas and grains act like sugars in the digestion process.  We’ll get into those later, 

From photography, to gardening, to martial arts, to technology and entertainment, we all need to relax and take time to enjoy things that make us happy.  Here are some of my interests.

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As you become a professional label-reader, you may be astonished at the amount of products that contain sugar; Salad dressings, chips, crackers, peanut butters, yogurt, ketchup and even deli meats.  It’s quite ridiculous the things they add sugar to that don’t need it, all to make it taste “better”.  

Agave                                      Dextran                                    Maltitol                             Sorghum Syrup

Agave Nectar                         Dextrose                                  Malt Syrup                      Sucrose

Barley Malt                              Ethyl Maltol                             Maltodextrin                   Xylitol

Beet Sugar                              Fructose                                  Maltose

​Brown Rice Syrup                 Glucose/Solids                       Mannitol 

Caramel                                  High Fructose Corn Syrup   Refiner's Syrup

Corn Syrup/Solids                 Lactose                           Sorbitol

Sugar is a sneaky substance.  There are dozens of forms of it that you may see on a food label, and may not even realize it's sugar.  Here are some common forms of sugars and sweeteners you should be avoiding

Added sugar is needless calories.  Sugar has no nutritional value and we can get along just fine without it.  The small amount in fruit and vegetables is enough to get us by, and it comes packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals to help the body, and more specifically the liver, process it.  Too much sugar is a recipe for disaster, causing a boost in insulin, a spike in blood sugar, addictive cravings and unnecessary weight gain.