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Brussels Sprouts have certainly received a bad rap over the years.  Forever linked with bland taste, over-concerned grandmothers and childhood nightmares, I for one avoided them like the plague.  But when I realized they could be cooked in other ways than steaming them, and be accompanied by some very tasty enhancers, they have since become a staple in my diet. 

While the bacon, and eventually the Brussels Sprouts are cooking, you can put the Honey Butter pan over a very low heat to slowly melt and warm it.  Keep an eye on it and make sure the butter doesn't burn, but if you keep the burner on simmer or lowest setting, it shouldn't.  

Once all Brussels Sprouts are cooked and in mixing bowl, place the cooked bacon in the bowl.

Time to Cook!


1 lb Brussels Sprouts

1 lb Bacon of choice (from ethically raised pigs)

3 Tbsp Grass-Fed Butter or Ghee

2 Tbsp Honey (can be substituted with Lemon Juice if limiting sugar)

Repeat until all Brussels Sprouts are cooked and nicely browned.  Upon completion of the last batch, when removing the Sprouts from the pan make sure to scrape up any remaining bits and pieces of bacon or loose leaves.

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Here is my favorite way to prepare them.  The Bacon pairs wonderfully with a nicely browned sprout, providing a chewy crunch alongside the soft texture of the sprout.  The Honey Butter glaze provides a nice gloss while sweetening the sprouts and bacon, insuring even the pickiest of eaters won’t turn down seconds.  Enjoy and Happy Fooding!


Put the skillet back on the burner over medium heat.  Pour in some of the bacon fat, enough to generously cover the bottom of the pan.  Fill the pan evenly with the halved Brussels Sprouts, cut side down.  Depending on the size of your skillet, be prepared to do 2 or 3 batches.  When the first batch is done, remove and place in mixing bowl, and start the second batch.


Portion out Butter or Ghee and Honey into small frying pan

Large Frying Pan - Cast Iron or Stainless Steel (at least 10-12 inches with cover)

Small Frying/Warming Pan (approx 4 inches)

Measuring Spoon - Tablespoon

Measuring cup/glass for hot bacon grease

Large Mixing Bowl


At this point you can remove the Honey Butter blend, or turn the heat up a bit to brown the butter if desired.

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Loaded with C, K and B vitamins, minerals, fiber and potential anti-cancer properties, they are the true definition of a “Super Food”.  Prepared correctly they will be a welcome addition to any meal, and even children will be scooping them up like candy.

What You'll Need

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Chop Bacon into small pieces, approximately 1/4 inch or desired size

That's it!  Enjoy your nutritious Brussels Sprouts!  Let me know on Facebook what you think and if you have a favorite Brussels Sprouts recipe.  

The key here is to cover the pan once the Brussels Sprouts are in.  This will trap the moisture coming from the Sprouts steaming them at the same time they are being browned by the skillet and the bacon fat.  

Once the bacon is cooked, pour entire contents of pan into a colander over a measuring cup or glass bowl to drain rendered fat from the cooked bacon.  Keep the liquid fat because we will be using it to brown the Brussels Sprouts.

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Begin by cooking the bacon pieces.  To prevent burning and to render the most bacon fat, place bacon pieces in to cold skillet and slowly increase heat until you get the sizzle.  Keep stirring the bacon to evenly brown all sides.

Brussels Sprouts and Bacon with Honey Butter Glaze

Pour the Honey Butter in the bowl with the Brussels Sprouts and Bacon.  Stir several times to evenly disperse the bacon and honey butter blend.  

Keep covered for approximately 8-10 minutes, then remove cover and check underside of some of the Sprouts.  If they aren't golden brown then replace cover and give it another couple minutes.  Once the underside is evenly browned, remove cover, stir Sprouts and let them sauté for another minute or two.  

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Slice Brussels sprouts in half lengthwise, removing the end of the stem if browned

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