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An Avocado a Day Keeps the Muffin Top Away!

From the Minnesota Food & Nutrition Database

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Did you know that every single cell in our body is dependent on fat?  Did you know that our brain is 60% fat?  By not getting healthy fats to them we can become sick and stupid.  Seems like a…no brainer huh?  Sorry. 

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A collection of recipes and guides to some of my favorite meals, sides and snacks.  Real ingredients, satisfying and healthy. 

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Foods you should definitely be eating to those you should avoid at all costs.  Get to know about Protein, good and bad Fats, and how to manage the very tricky Carbohydrate intake.

Each ounce of an avocado contains approximately 25 milligrams of the natural plant sterol, beta-sitosterol.  According to a study from Penn State, regular consumption of this and other sterols from plants have been shown to help regulate cholesterol. 

Guacamole Not Glaucoma!

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There are many more benefits to eating an avocado on a regular basis, and the research is continuing.  We should see more and more results and articles like these in the near future.  I don’t know about you, but I was sold before I knew all of these things.  The versatility of this magical fruit had me hooked the minute I put that spoonful into my mouth. 

If you haven’t tried one, or are curious on ways to get them into your diet, check out some of my
recipes and videos that contain this wonderful superfood!

What are your thoughts on the avocado?  What are your favorite ways to eat it?

Dads Are Important Too!
Vitamins & Minerals


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Charlotte, NC  United States

B1 (Thiamine)                  .10mg                 6.8% Daily Allowance

B2 (Riboflavin)                 .19 mg                11.4%
B3 (Niacin)                        2.60 mg             13%
B5 (Pantothenic Acid)       1.99 mg             19.9%
B6 (Pyridoxine)                 .39mg                19.5%
Choline                             19.31 mg
Folate                               121.04 ug          30.3%
Vitamin A                         199.92 IU           4%
Vitamin C                         11.97 mg            19.9%
Vitamin E                          2.62 mg            13%
Vitamin K                          28.56 ug           35.7%
Calcium                            17.68 mg           1.8%
Copper                              .23 mg               11.6%
Iron                                   .83 mg               4.6%
Magnesium                       39.44 mg           9.9%
Manganese                       .2 mg                 10.1%
Phosphorus                        73.44                7.3%
Potassium                          689.52              19.7%

Zinc                                   .92 mg               6.2%

Cell Coverage


1 Avocado, approximately 135 grams
Calories                             227
Carbohydrates                   11.75 g
Fiber                                  9.25 g
Fat                                     20.96 g
   Monounsaturated           13.33 g
   Polyunsaturated             2.47 g
   Omega 6                        2.28 g
   Saturated                       2.89 g
Protein                               2.67 g
Cholesterol                        0g
Sodium                             11 mg
Sugar                                 0g

Nutritional Contents
Better than Cheerios!


As you can see each avocado is loaded with healthy fats, vitamins & minerals.  It is void of pesky carbohydrates and even has fiber.  So what do these numbers mean?  How do they benefit you?  Let’s dive deeper into the avocado!

From the Minnesota Food & Nutrition Database

The magical fruit!

Avocados contain the B9 Vitamin, known as folate.  Recent research from McGill University has shown that inadequate folate levels in the male can increase chances of birth defects and even miscarriage. 

Yes our bones are made of calcium.  But consuming calcium alone won’t do much to help them.  We need vitamin K to help our body get that calcium where we need it.  Vitamin K increases calcium absorption, and avocados have it.  1 whole avocado contains around 50% of our recommended daily intake of this crucial vitamin.

It took me a long time to try an avocado.  For the majority of my life I didn’t even know what it was.  Seriously.  If you read my “About Me” section you know what a picky eater I was.  I would see this green goopy stuff and couldn’t imagine that it could taste good, let alone be amazing for my health.  I associated it with hippies, California, and Mexican food. 

This all changed one summer day during my Vegan year.  I was shopping at the Healthy Home Market in Charlotte on the day an avocado delivery came in.  One of the employees was loading them up on the display when I stopped and picked one up, looking at it with a confused look on my face.  She told me how good this batch was.  I told her that I had never tasted one.  That’s right, 32 years old and never even tried an avocado.  Well she laughed and told me to wait right there.  She brought me half of an avocado with a spoon, I took a taste and in the next 4 years I’ve probably eaten well over 500, if not close to 1000.  They are a wonderful food, loaded with good stuff for your body, and they are extremely versatile.  Whether eaten fresh out of the skin, chopped, diced or pureed in your favorite recipe, they are a food that is easy to incorporate into many different meals from breakfast to dinner.   Let’s take a look at some of the nutritional benefits of the mighty avocado!

Folate may near be a miracle vitamin!  Along with the aforementioned benefit to babies, it keeps on working throughout adulthood.  Folate has been shown to help in the process of getting blood and nutrients to the brain, allowing the production of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, all of which regulate mood, sleep and appetite!

Avocados contain 2 phytochemicals called Lutein & Zeaanthin that have been shown to reduce risk of developing macular-degeneration.

Dem Bones, Dem Bones!

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The fiber and healthy fats in avocados slow the digestion process down, thereby keeping us feeling full longer.  When we eat healthy fat, our brain receives a signal to turn our appetite off.  Fat slows the breakdown of carbohydrates into sugar keeping our blood sugar levels stable. Avocados also promote regularity, detoxification and a better immune system!  Fat is not the enemy!

Avocado Uses and Health Benefits

Discover interesting facts about avocado, including its uses and benefits, through the infographic "Avocado Uses and Health Benefits: Facts About This Food". Use the embed code to share it on your website or visit our infographic page for the high-res version.

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