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Foods you should definitely be eating to those you should avoid at all costs.  Get to know about Protein, good and bad Fats, and how to manage the very tricky Carbohydrate intake.

Welcome to WithorWithoutBacon


A collection of recipes and guides to some of my favorite meals, sides and snacks.  Real ingredients, satisfying and healthy. 

After struggling with poor health and on and off weight gain for many years, I finally took control of what I put into my body, and what I do with my body.  As a former obese person, turned vegan, turned Paleo, I want to share my story, resources and solutions with anyone who may be in the same position I was.  It can be quite difficult with all of the conflicting information that is out there to know what works and what doesn't.  And if you are trying to make changes on your own like I did, it can be even harder to distinguish between what is right and wrong.  Please read the "About Me" page to learn where I came from and how I got to where I am now.

From photography, to gardening, to martial arts, to technology and entertainment, we all need to relax and take time to enjoy things that make us happy.  Here are some of my interests.


Think exercise is a chore?  Don't have time?  No more feeling like a hamster in a wheel for hours on end.  Get results with functional strength training. 

My goal with this website is to share my journey and what I’ve found to be a sustainable approach to healthy living.  I tried typical American dieting, I tried being a vegan, and I’ve been Paleo.  I’m not here to say that living Paleo by the book is the best way to do it.  There are countless others more qualified than I am to do that.  What I am here to say is that by eating primarily whole foods, whether they be from vegetables, fruits and/or meats, that you will see in improvement in almost every part of your life.  I’ve been on both sides of the meat-eating debate.  There are a lot of arguments for and against it, and a lot of not-so-nice things get said about one another.  I would like to bridge that gap.  There are too many similarities between vegans/vegetarians and paleo/primal folks. 

They both value the importance of fruits and vegetables.  This cannot be emphasized enough.  Whole fruits and vegetables should be a majority of any diet and lifestyle.  That’s what we should be eating and what should be the largest portion of any meal.  Both sides abhor chemicals, genetically modified organisms, unethical farming practices and a corrupt government deciding what we should eat and how much we should pay.  They both want organic, natural produce that is readily available and at a fair price.  They want farmers to be treated with respect and paid a fair wage for their important work.  They both want animals to be raised in an environment that is cruelty free, that allows them to live how they were born to live, outside, foraging on grass, insects or whatever they were designed to eat.  They should have access to sunlight and fresh air, and not be confined to feces filled cages for their short lives.  For each side to vilify the other because one eats meat and one doesn’t, because one eats grains, breads and cereals and the other doesn’t, does a disservice to the bigger picture of health in America and around the world.  If they could both focus on what they have in common, the ethical and sustainable farming practices that we as humans survived on until the last century or so, we might have a stronger voice in the condition of the food that is on our plate.

Hence the “WithorWithoutBacon".  Many of my recipes I will be posting can be made with or without meat for those inclined.  Don’t like bacon?  Swap it for a vegetable product or eliminate it completely.  Don’t want chicken on your plate?  Whip up some eggplant.   Hopefully it will be that easy.  I do eat meat, which is undeniable.  I feel it is an important part of my life right now.  With the martial arts and strength training I do, and limited time, it is a great source of protein, fat and vitamins.  I do my best to purchase the most ethical meats available to me, and I suggest if you are going to consume meat, you do as well. 

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy the content I have provided.  Please check back often as I will continue to add new content and update site features.

The information on this website is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only.  It is an opinion blog based on personal research and experimentation.  It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  The reader should always consult with a licensed professional healthcare provider before undertaking any diet or lifestyle change.